How The Web Design Process Works

Web design process

Client Consultation

After a kick-off phone call or meeting about the project at hand ,our web design process will continue to find the right solution for your website and put together the content. We will send you a questionnaire so that we can fully understand your needs and what we can do to help.

Design Proposal

Once we can analyze the data and the needs that need to be met. We will send a detailed proposal with all the work that will be implemented for you to have a kick-ass website.

Web development
Web design process

Client and Designer Agreement

Once we can determine all needs are met and can come to an agreement. Hooray!! we can get to the dirty nit of the project and start the work process and GET IT DONE!

Web Host Domain and email

If you have to find hosting or email, we can set this setup for you. Hosting is a necessary part of having a live website, and you can set that up through Design WWS hosting partners. We strive to have the best hosting companies in the industry, who keep your site secure, provide access to update it, and ensure it’s always up and running.

Web hosting
web development coding

Code Website

And Now we Code……    The nuts and bolts of your site to make it the way you want. We customize your website, so it does what you want it to do.  

Launch Website

Every Design WWS website comes with two rounds of revisions. Give feedback on each version of the site, and we will make modifications accordingly. Rinse and repeat.

Launch website design
website design tutorials

Provide Training

Many of the CMS (Content Management Systems) can be a bit daunting to wrap your head around and learn. We will set you up for success so that you will get the most out of your website.

Website Maintenance

After your website is up and running, we will not leave you in the dust and never speak to you again. We are committed to making your brand thrive. We will help keep your site maintained and working in the future. You can’t get rid of us that fast!! We are here to stay and in a committed relationship.

Website Maintenance ​

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