Why Google Analytics is important?

Analytics is an important metric that every website owner needs to know. Whether it is a blog, eCommerce, or Local business, you need to know who is coming to your site, what they are looking at, and if they are interested in what you have to offer. 

Today’s marketing landscape is rapidly changing. So how can you adapt your strategies to keep up with your customers?

Rising user expectations about privacy, more global regulations, and decreases in browser support for cookies have made digital measurement more challenging.

Trying to understand how your online marketing is working while navigating the changing digital landscape might feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Google Analytics can help you and your business stay on track. 

Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics software.

Google Analytics comes in, turning data into information and, ultimately knowledge to help make proper decisions.

The growth in analytics is recent. There has been a massive increase in our ability to collect data, starting with the 21st century. 

  • It is all about taking data and turning it into knowledge.
  • Web Analytics has several layers to consider
  • Analytics is not data(data is just facts)
  • Analytics is Not Reporting.
  • Analytics is Not Statistics.

Google Analytics is merely trying to give our clients more knowledge about how their website is running, how it works, and where it needs to improve. 

Google Analytics has not been customized to fit your needs and that is what our job is to figure out.

Google Analytics has a feature that reduces the work required to put Google Analytics data into Google Docs, Sites, or Spreadsheets.

Remember one thing: Google Analytics is just a tool to help you understand what is happening on your website and where and what to fix.

It will not give you the answers to fix your business or website, but it is a way to find the answers that will steer you in the right direction.

The GA4 property type is for all Analytics users, those with only a website, only an app, and those with both! It can also measure a single user journey across devices based on the best available user identifiers, and it allows you to measure apps and websites together across all reports. It can also help your business measure your customer interactions in a durable and privacy-centric way.

What is the purpose of my website?

If we can understand the answer to that question, then we can do good things with our analytics data. But it all starts with answering that question and then training Google Analytics to recognize when customers take favorable actions.

How does Google analytics work?

There is a piece of javascript code added to your website so that Google will be able to collect data.

Data collection is referred to as tracking when somebody comes to our website and the actions they take, like clicking on a button or viewing a new page, how long a user is on that page.

You can configure; filter your data to only allow and include specific data to only include individual visitors or all you visitors or to block spam or to block your internal IP Address.

Where can we use Google Analytics?

  • To generate ideas
  • To understand what is working
  • To fix things that are not working
  • To improve our results
  • To tell our customer story
  • To calculate our value
  • To justify and encourage investment
  • To see into the future

What else can you track with Google Analytics?

  • Track Mobile Website and Apps
  • Offline Marketing
  • Video Plays
  • Phone Calls
  • CRM Integration
  • Demographics
  • Cross-Device Tracking
  • Remarketing
  • Benchmarking

Once the data is collected, we can send you reports, look at the analytics, and figure out the next step in optimizing your website. 

You can choose one of the many reports that Google Creates or can even build your customized report using the drag and drop interface.

You can pick the dimensions and metrics and decide how they should be displayed.

Another remarkable feature of Google Analytics is that it is easily integrated with other tools and platforms.

Google Analytics also has a robust integration with Google AdWords.

In summary, Google Analytics can help your business be informed on how your website is doing and what you need to do to excel in marketing online. It is a must-have metric that any successful company should be using. If you don’t, you will be flying blind, leading to more costs down the road. 

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