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Website Redesign Services

So you had a website created a couple of years ago, and at the time, it was perfect for what you were trying to do. Now, as the years passed, your business has outgrown your simple static Website.

While you are waiting for your Website to grow, your business continues to be profitable. Though you do not see the traffic you’re looking for, or the traffic you do leaves as soon as they get there. 

Or it could be worse you don’t even know what traffic you are getting because your Website has never had a web analytics set up other known as Google analytics. 

If this is undoubtedly the case? I would say it is time for website redesign services.

Now, this is one of those situations where you start seeing other sites and think I wish my site did that or that would be a great feature to have.

Internet is getting smarter.

Every day the world wide web is becoming more and more intelligent. “Internet of Things” (IoT) refers explicitly to a growing number of things like refrigerators and washing machines connected to the internet. This is just one example of the capabilities we are learning. 

With this, suddenly, there is an opportunity for your Website to gain more exposure. It has never been easier to stay in front of your client with the options to add calendars, blogs, quizzes, opt-in forms, chatbots, and email automation—this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Again this gives your company more importance, therefore increasing your potential value.

For the general public, it also means that if you have a newly redesigned website optimized for your clientele, you are well ahead of the most popular businesses in this world.

Retargeting with Social Ads

If you aren’t aware of structured retargeting social ads, they start with a bit of code called a pixel and help your ads recognized who is visiting your site. In a nutshell, this technology allows you to advertise to people interested in your product or service. 

The bad thing about this developing your Google ads and Facebook Ad account could take some time to learn. The good thing about this is you get some great exposure by being on display. Our team is here to help you find the best solution for your company and tackle your issues and concerns.

Now, this all leads me to our next inclination, which is a redesign strategy.

Our Redesign Strategy

When it comes to redesigning a website, we want to make sure we keep the essence of the business the central focus and enhance the features that your old Website never could do. With today’s coding, a website is not meant to be static like a brochure or a postcard. 

By using CMS(Contact Management System), you can customize your Website to do what you’re looking for. There are many out there, and all have their specific place in the internet world. The CMS that has stood the test of time and is constantly updated is WordPress and our preferred system. 

Why do you ask?

Well, easy to answer, 

  • The ease of use
  • Easy to customize
  • The extensive plugin library(addon functions)
  • The community of support
  • Over 30% of the web is comprised of WordPress sites
40+ Must-Have features for your website

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