Marketing for Hair Salons and Makeup Artists: 5 Easy Tips

Today’s marketing for hair salons and makeup artist have become much savvier than the days of advertising in the local newspaper or bus bench.

Not to mention, newspapers and bus benches hardly work, or if they do work, is your money well spent utilizing that medium. 

Today hair salon marketing is mostly digital and takes on many forms—kind of a swiss army knife of marketing. 

What do I mean by that?

Well, when everyone starts marketing their hair salon business, saying something like..

  • I need a website.
  • I need an Instagram account.
  • I need a Facebook page.

Marketing for Hair Salons and Makeup Artists Need More.

Although this is true you need a website, Instagram, and Facebook page, you also need an array of other tools to help you be successful. I will explain what will help you get found online for a hair salon and makeup business.  

Today there several online avenues to explore for marketing for hair salons and makeup artists. Where should you start?.

  • Website – Tell them about you and what you do and what you sell. 
  • Traffic – Find ways to get the mighty web to notice you. 

Sounds way too simplistic, doesn’t? Well, it is and isn’t.  

Every strategy you have to market for hair salons and makeup artist is to drive traffic to your website.  

Your website’s job is to ensure that your present message is relevant to what the visitors are looking for. 

Once you have that down, customers will come flocking to your site and calling to visit your hair salon.

What makes a good website for hair salons and makeup artists? 

The main thing you need for a good website 

  • A proper logo
  • A uniform design to match that logo. 
  • A clear message. Make sure they know exactly what you do.
  • Your phone number, in clear view, easily assessable.  
  • An optin page with a promotion. 
  • Show your services that you provide. 
  • A contact page with a map to your location. 

These suggestions are the bare minimum that you would need to show or a great place to start. 

Why do I need a logo to market my hair salon and makeup business?

A logo is much more than just an image; it helps your client differentiate you from the rest of your competition. It helps build trust that you put effort into your company’s branding and provides quality goods or services.

So ….. get a logo you can get cheap from many sources, or if you want, you can do it yourself through sites like Crello or Canva. 

If you don’t want to spend the time learning a do-it-yourself program or doing the logo yourself seems like a daunting task. Check out 99designs, you can get a professional logo done for you at a reasonable price.

Why should you find a consistent web design that matches your logo and business brand?

This may be self-explanatory, but looking through the web, you see some designs that don’t match up. It is a shame because somebody put effort into making a website to market their hair salon and makeup business, but then it got either too much for them or hired someone who did not know what they were doing.

The hair salon owners have suffered from this because the traffic that they did get experienced the website, which turned them off and might have said, “this a fake business, or this hair salon does know what they are doing.”

Pro Tip: Hire a professional. Your time and effort can be spent elsewhere to focus on your hair salon and makeup business

How can I make my message clear, so my clients know what I do?

Let’s make this clear; you need let you client know 

  • All the services you offers. 
  • What is your niche in the hair and make business?
  • Your hair salon and makeup policies. 
  • Your hair salon and makeup prices.
  • How the hair salon and makeup appointments work.
  • When they should come back.  
  • Any hair salon and makeup frequently ask questions. 

Answering these questions helps build your authority in the hair industry and lets them know you are here to accommodate them in getting the most dependable service in your city.  

Why should you have a phone number in a clear view?

This marketing mistake 101 for hair salons and makeup artists, and so many people still to this day do it. 

Nothing frustrates more website users then somebody who cannot find contact information. Have you ever bought something off online and had to contact them online to just an email address?

Your clients will click off your website and go to a competitor’s site in two shakes of a lamb’s tail if they can’t find your phone. 

We always recommend that the hair salon’s phone number is somewhere visible in the top header.  

Your website is the kind of like you home base that you can always count on. 

Marketing for Hair Salons and Makeup Artists

Should I show all the services that I provide?

I know this seems pretty straightforward, too, but hair salon business owners get busy with other things and completely forget about listing information that is not as important. Can you know exactly what each user is looking for?

  • Trying thinking about what a client will be looking for.
  • Ask your self what do they usually ask for when calling on the phone.

When you build a website for hair salons and makeup artists, you are also building credibility in telling your users what you are capable of and what skills you have acquired to decide if they want to work with you. When you make that distinction, it might be just the difference between a client going with you or another company.

Add plenty of photos of the service work you have done; people love to see you and your team in action. You can also add your Instagram account to your website, so you don’t have to post in two places.

Add plenty of photos of the beauty service work you have done; people love to see you and your team in action. You can also add your Instagram account to your website, so you don’t have to post in two places.

One of the critical components for how to market makeup artist services is consistency. For a freelance makeup artist, social media can be a fantastic tool to help you spread the word. The more consistent you are, the more chances there will be for you to see and be seen. For more information on attracting clientele, see our article on how to get makeup clients as a freelance makeup artist. 

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